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(12-01-2019, 09:07 PM)Merryb Wrote: BUNNINGS BBQ  on 26th January.

Now that we have a Clubhouse, we need to raise money to for the interior.
8.30am - 12.30pm  John Lamb,  Patch,  Jo .,  .............

12.30pm - 4.30pm  ...........,   .............,  ..............,   ...............

It would be wonderful to see some different names on the roster this time   Smile
I found the problem with my throttle being stuck wide open on my Wot 4 yesterday evening. The throttle servo had failed. Not jammed or stripped, just stopped moving. I've had this happen on various models now with several brands of servo. This servo was a PowerHD mini which I purchased for my scratch build glider (but never finished). The other servo was a Tower Pro digital on my 30cc model, which I bought off Mick. Both servos came from Wolf Models and both were on the throttle. I can't remember the other time or what it was on, but they just stop working. No hits or anything, just stop for some reason.
I don't know what I'm going to put in my Scanner now, as I'm scared to put something cheap in for fear of losing it from a failure. I've had Coronas in my stick which did a heap of hours, but the cases broke when I accidentally fitted the grommets in the wrong way around when I was assembling it (first time I'd used servos that weren't Hitec), as I'd never come across this so didn't look as I installed them. They worked for many years with only 2 and 3 screws holding them in however.

I was quite surprised at how long a tank of fuel lasted for at full throttle. My biggest concern was running out of fuel at full throttle. The Saito 82 has a hardened aluminium cylinder instead of a separate brass liner, so I was hoping that a lean run on the last of the tank at full noise may damage it. It still had heaps of compression once it got down, so it might be ok. It did make a bit of a racket as it stopped though...
 [Image: SaitoFS82b.jpg]Everyone knows that REAL ENGINES are used by REAL men. Eklectic motors are best left for use in toothbrushes and other unnecessary things.
Would it be worthwhile pulling the servo apart to see if its stripped cogs or whether its possibly electrical. Nothing lost as its now a candidate for the bin.
The spline in it doesn't turn under power and there's no humming or anything coming from it. You can always hear the motor running even if the arm isn't. You can also feel the crunching or skipping when it's a stripped gear. The electronics in them are so tiny, I'd have no idea what to look for in an electrical fault.
 [Image: SaitoFS82b.jpg]Everyone knows that REAL ENGINES are used by REAL men. Eklectic motors are best left for use in toothbrushes and other unnecessary things.
Like you i would only be looking for something obvious. If i couldnt turn the servo arm by hand id suspect a meshed cog or gear. Read an unverified comment recently where some of the cheaper servos advertised as metal geared have only one metal gear the rest of the internals being nylon. So not a lie but a rubbery truth

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