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Hate to be the spoil sport guys but the club boomerang 60 is out of bounds!! Whoever wins if they use it would have to share the prize money & glory with all of the members.
As discussed at the club meeting on Sunday, Brian's rules state that any plane can fly being a nitro(15-20 minutes on a tank) or an electric (15-20 minutes depending on battery), it all depends on the ability of the pilot and thermals, if present on the day. Its about the luck of the draw, you could have every angle covered, MURPHY's law!! My glider that I'll be using has a 4s 3300 mah battery, for correct CG, I wont be swapping for a smaller battery. If I get the right thermals i could be up for a couple of hrs, if I don't, I could be back on the ground in 10mins, so really just give it your best shot and $5 & have some fun!!
Hey PeterT, when is the next Scanner event on that is closer to home?
Also, I was talking with Dennis while he was flying his Scanner and we were wondering if the race is run making all left turns like F3D and F5D?
 [Image: SaitoFS82b.jpg]Everyone knows that REAL ENGINES are used by REAL men. Eklectic motors are best left for use in toothbrushes and other unnecessary things.

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