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General Announcements
Hi Guys, Am going for my instructors up/down here soon, but over discussions that have taken place recently, and it was bought to light, anyone instructing someone else, who doesn't have gold wings rating**, should an insurance claim happen from an incident, the person acting as instructor will have to pay the excess themselves!! If you have Gold wings rating, and have an insurance claim, the club you are instructing for has to pay the excess payment, however a MAAA Qualified instructor, is covered by the MAAA. When I was there initially, all we had was 1 bronze wing flyer, we were so lucky no insurance claims were needed. I hear Greg has qualified recently? Congratulations!!!!
It's just a rumour Peter T. I spoke with the MAAQ CFI this evening and he and the MAAQ Secretary know nothing of it. The only request is that an instructor be of gold wings standard.
It could be just someone's thoughts that this would be a better way of reducing the risk of an insurance claim, as if this rumour were to become a ruling, many clubs and members would simply stop training beginners because of possible out-of-pocket expenses.
Imagine a debate in court because someone in the pits recommended that someone else's model is safe to fly, unless the ruling only applies if a buddy lead (or a wireless one) is connected.
In theory, any crash would be the instructor's crash, as he should have taken over several seconds before impact.
 [Image: SaitoFS82b.jpg]Everyone knows that REAL ENGINES are used by REAL men. Eklectic motors are best left for use in toothbrushes and other unnecessary things.
Still after a couple more members to do the second shift of the Bunnings BBQ on 6th February.
Another bit thank you to three of our members  Smile   Smile

Ken donated $50, to go towards the fan/lights and Nick $50 also, some of which is buying the onions for Bunnings BBQ.

Frahmy has donated another solar system and installed it. 
Thank you to the members who helped with the Bunnings BBQ Smile 

I think that Sunday went off well apart from no public wanting to have a free fly. We were privileged to have the MAAQ President and Secretary present for the day. 
They both flew their planes and said that our setup and facilities were great. They would like to see more club visiting. 

Thanks, once again to Lindsay for donating $135. It was some of his takings from his boot sale.
It was a good day. Thanks everyone.

See you when we see you Ray M.
You could practice your inward and outward figure eights in the Dash 8 while you're flying circuits, waiting for your booked landing time slot.
It might be best to leave your practicing of the gold wings manoeuvres when you get back so you can use a RC model. Your passengers might get a little anxious while you're practicing the 3 loops, axle rolls and 3-turn spin.
 [Image: SaitoFS82b.jpg]Everyone knows that REAL ENGINES are used by REAL men. Eklectic motors are best left for use in toothbrushes and other unnecessary things.

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