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General Announcements
What a pity Kennyglide. was a bit gusty, but a few flew. Someone (who lm not saying) broke a wing when they hit the flag pole. So Im not the only one. Have been told Sunday supposed to be good.
Just read the email from Tyson Dodd and Neil Tank about the latest CASA Registration and Accreditation Scheme. It's good to hear that it won't impact us in any way and rightly so. Our MOP's are very clear and detailed so that we can fly safely and have faith that ourselves and our vehicles are as safe as can be reasonably made possible. It's also good that we can identify all of our flying sites (if need be) and fly from there without licencing or accreditation as well.
It was interesting to read that gliders are exempt from CASA registration at any location. I didn't expect that... I wonder what the limit in size and weight might be? I presume that if I were to fly a glider at home, I would still have to stay below 400 feet. I doubt I would be exempt from that rule.

Well done MAAA. Thanks for standing up for us.
 [Image: SaitoFS82b.jpg]Everyone knows that REAL ENGINES are used by REAL men. Eklectic motors are best left for use in toothbrushes and other unnecessary things.

First shift  8.00 - 12.30  Jason, Barry, Jo & Peter T

Second    12.30 -  4.30   Dawn, JR, Dennis & Merry
Is any one interested in an outing 2 Armidale club on Sunday 12th may? ( ) thats their club email, New England Model Aircraft Club, or at some time 4 that matter?
A big thank you to Lindsay for the $100 donation, because he cannot work at the Bunnings BBQ's. Smile

Thank you, also to JR, Dan and Marcel for bouncing around on the tractor doing the slashing. The field is starting to look really great.
Dawn and I have been out and about selling raffle tickets.
Thanks to the members and Jo, who gave up their time to work at the Bunnings BBQ. 
It was well worth the few hours work.

We cooked up some of the left overs today and that was followed by some lovely cakes which
were made by Jo and Barry. Thank you, they were delicious!

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