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    The members of WAM warmly welcome any new comers to the club and are only to happy to offer you advice and support . . .
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    Warwick Aero Modellers Inc.
    The sky is the limit.

Welcome to Warwick Aero Modellers Inc. (WAM)
Best grounded airline on the Southern Downs - Queensland Australia.

Warwick Aero Modellers fly petrol, glow and electric powered model aircraft at our Barclay Field, which is free of noise restrictions and now has a height ceiling which has increased to 1500 feet.

Our field is just ten minutes from town, situated at the Morgan Park Sporting Complex just past the tip.

Members can be found flying most Sundays and also often on a Wednesday afternoon. We run a BBQ lunch for our monthly Club Day and have another Sunday on the calendar for general flying and as a get-together.

Our field will soon boast great facilities, such as a large and roomy clubhouse with toilets and showers and council-approved kitchen facilities. Guests with caravans or RVs are welcome to stay as we also have an area for them with town water and grey water connections on site. There is also a sewerage dump point nearby, if needed. Because of our great facilities, groups have begun to use our facilities for organised flying competitions each year.

The members of WAM warmly welcome any new comers to the club and are only to happy to offer advice and support. Absolute beginners of any age or stage are treated with heaps of encouragement, as we love to share our passion of flying model aircraft. We have a flight simulator that anyone is free to practice on and when you're ready, we have a variety of trainer aircraft to actually fly using a buddy-lead system (so that the instructor can immediately take over if needed).

One of our committee members would be only too pleased to talk with you if you need advice, so please contact us.

Join us - It is all about Flying, Fellowship and Fun!



Regular Club Days
1st & 3rd Sunday of month and
Wednesday Afternoons

More Details Here.

Featured Video

AVRO Triplane 1911 scale: 1:2,5.
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Featured Event

Scanner Racing Gold Cup - 2019

  • What's Tony's secret to winning?
    Practice, practice, practice!

  • Yes, a competition using real engines . . .
    Now have I connected the elekvators?

  • A "Scanner" model ready to fly!
    Whose the pilot? Let me know and we will add his name here!

  • Finally I get myself back in control , , ,
    But do I have what it takes to win?

  • No I can't change the records . . .
    The young fellow sneaked into the pits area and might tell his dad!

  • All six competitors ready to rumble . . .
    But will we finish up with six complete aircraft at the finish!

  • Under the Competition Directors instructions . . .
    Ready to blast is Dan the Man!

  • Refueling using the secret weapon between rounds
    So that is how it's done!

  • Whoops - on the last landing of the competition
    I wonder who was last in?

  • Congratulations Tony . . . you are this years Champion of champions!
    Thanks to all for a great competition!

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